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SetVarFromListMerge: combine list entries into variables

Tag: SetVarFromListMerge

The SetVarFromListMerge function concatenates a list of SetVar into a single variable.

Tag Attributes


Value Description


Target list name


Non-empty text to use as delimiter of the list entries Optional

Example Scripts

<SetVarFromListMerge ListName="litsFromMerge" separator=":"/>
<ytriaAutomation application='sapio365' title='TEST - ISSUE ERROR LOOP EXECUTE' targetmodule='Users'>
	<List Name="listFromMerge" Action="SetVar" var3="blue" var4="42"/>
	<List Name="listFromMerge" Action="SetVar" var3="green" var4=""/>
	<List Name="listFromMerge" Action="SetVar" var3="red" var4="666"/>
	<List Name="listFromMerge" Action="SetVar" var3="yellow"/>
	<SetVarFromListMerge ListName="listFromMerge" separator=":"/>
	<Echo value="=====> var3={%var3%}"/>
	<Echo value="=====> var4={%var4%}"/>

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