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SetVarListFromFile: Create a list of variables from the content of a file.

SetVarListFromFile constructs a list of variables from the content of a csv or excel file.
File columns are mapped to variables using SetParam sub-actions (see below SetParam attributes table).

Tag Attributes

Attribute Name

Attribute Value


Name of list Required


Input file path. Supported extensions are CSV, XLS and XLSX. - Required


Number of rows to skip on top.

  • SkipRows="0" (default) -> reads from the 1st line

  • SkipRows="2" (default) -> reads from the 3rd line


Input value that allows row skipping.
If a row contains it, the whole row is skipped.


TRUE - Only keep unique variable sets
"Any variable name" - Only keep sets with unique value for this variable


Variable Name on which to order ascending (cannot be combined with OrderDescBy)


Variable Name on which to order descending (cannot be combined with OrderAscBy)


When set to TRUE, displays a console trace for each element added to the list

Defaults to TRUE

Map columns to variables

One SetParam represents one mapping.

SetParam attributes




Variable Name to map to


Column index to map from (starting from 0)

Example script

	<!-- Read C:\InputFile.xlsx file and create a list named MyList.
		Ignore the file's first line.
		Skip lines that contain "-n/s-".
		Keep unique values in column "eMail" (ignore rows that create duplicates).
		Order the list ascending by "displayName"
	<SetVarListFromFile FilePath="C:\InputFile.xlsx" ListName="MyList" skipRows="1" skipValue="-n/s-" Unique="eMail" OrderAscBy="displayName">
		<SetParam field='objectType' value='0'/> <!-- Reads column #0 into objectType list var -->
		<SetParam field='displayName' value='3'/> <!-- Reads column #3 into displayName list var -->
		<SetParam field='eMail' value='11'/> <!-- Reads column #11 into eMail list var -->
	<!-- Display list content -->
	<Loop list="MyList">
		<Echo value="objectType: {%objectType%}, displayName: {%displayName%}, eMail: {%eMail%}"/>

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