Tag: Show

The self-closing tag Show, along with the Target attribute value of 'Output', emulates clicking the 'Show Output Panel' button in the Output Panel in a consoleEZ session where the Output Panel is hidden.

Tag Attributes

AttributesAttribute Value

Example Scripts

<Show Target="Output"/>
	<Load Server="Acme01/ACME" Type="Console"/>
	<Load Server="Acme02/ACME" Type="Console"/>
	<Load Server="Acme03/ACME" Type="Console"/>
	<Arrange Type="Cascade"/>
	<Show Target="Output"/>

In the script above, consoles for servers ACME01/ACME, ACME02/ACME, and ACME03/ACME will all be opened in consoleEZ. The action Show will show the Output panel.