Tag: ShowSystemMessageAtEndOfExecution


Detailed Description

The variable SystemMessage may be set by the script or by automation operations.

If not empty and if enabled, the following dialog pops up at script execution end:

To enable it, use:

To disable it, use:

It is disabledby default. When the user clicks the STOP button on the automation splash, SystemMessage is set to: "Job stopped."

Example Script

<ytriaAutomation Application="sapio365" console="false">
	<ShowSystemMessageAtEndOfExecution/><!-- message dialog containing SystemMessage shall pop up at end of execution if SystemMessage is not empty (if user clicked STOP on splash) -->
	<MsgSplash Title="JOB IS RUNNING" SetMsg="Loading users" StopButtonText="Stop Job"/>
	<MsgSplash AddMsg="Show me your box"/>
	<MsgBox Title="MSGBOX" Message="CAN YOU SEE ME?" MessageExtended="Hein?" Type="questioN"/>
	<MsgSplash AddMsg="Show me your input"/>
	<userinput Title="TEST USER INPUT">
		<Variable name="varGuest" value="false" Label="Files shared directly with guests" Type="BoolToggle" />
		<Variable name="varNumPeople" value="false" Label="Files shared with a certain number of people or more" Type="BoolToggle" />
		<Variable name="varNumber" value="0" Label="Enter the minimum number of file shares" Type="Text" readonly="false" />
		<Event target="varNumber" mode="disableifnoteq" source="varNumPeople" value="true"/>
	<MsgSplash SetMsg="Processing groups" AddMsg="<a href=http://www.viandetiede.com>LE BONHEUR</a>"/>
		<Filter columnID="isTeam" Value="Team"/>
		<Select lines="all"/>
		<MsgSplash AddMsg="LOAD MORE - Please wait..."/>
		<MsgSplash ResetLastMsg="LOAD MORE - Done"/>
		<MsgSplash AddMsg="ADD COMMENT - Please wait"/>
		<AddComment columnTitle="Note:" text="Show me your team" ColumnID="ownerusernames"/>
		<Move ColumnID="ownerusernames" Position="6"/>
		<Move ColumnID="ownerusernames-A" Position="7"/>
		<Remove ColumnID="groupType"/>
		<Remove ColumnID="visibility"/>