Tag: Snapshot / RestorePoint

These tags are self explanatory. They're used to create a Snapshot/RestorePoint and can be run in any module.

Tag Attributes

AttributesAttribute ValuesValue DescriptionComment
KeepAliveTRUE / FALSE - defaults to FALSEBy default, the automation closes each window so that the script is executed without human intervention.
If you wish to keep a window open, use this attribute.
FilePathN/AThe path file is absolute or relative to current script file location (missing or wrong extension will be forced to valid one with a warning).
Snapshot: .ytr_snap
Restore Point: .ytr_rest
PasswordN/APassword (ASCII only)N/A
IncludePermanentCommentsTRUE / FALSE - defaults to FALSEN/AN/A
ShowInExplorerTRUE / FALSE - defaults to FALSEN/AN/A

Tag Attributes (specific to Snapshot)

AttributesAttribute ValueValue DescriptionComment
PublicTRUE (public) / FALSE (restricted to tenant) - defaults to FALSEN/AN/A
IncludeHiddenColumnsTRUE / FALSE - defaults to FALSEN/AN/A
IncludeHiddenRowsTRUE / FALSE - defaults to FALSEN/AN/A

Example Script


<Snapshot FilePath="snapshot1.ytr_snap" /> <!-- Tenant restricted snapshot without password -->
<Snapshot FilePath="snapshot2.ytr_snap" Password="P@ssword!" /> <!-- Tenant restricted snapshot with password -->
<Snapshot FilePath="snapshot3.ytr_snap" Password="P@ssword!" ShowInExplorer="TRUE" /> <!-- Tenant restricted snapshot with password shown in explorer after creation -->
<Snapshot FilePath="snapshot4.ytr_snap" Password="P@ssword!" ShowInExplorer="TRUE" Public="TRUE" /> <!-- Public snapshot with password shown in explorer after creation -->


<RestorePoint FilePath="restorepoint1.ytr_rest" /> <!-- Restore point without password -->
<RestorePoint FilePath="restorepoint2.ytr_rest" Password="P@ssword!" /> <!-- Restore point with password -->
<RestorePoint FilePath="restorepoint3.ytr_rest" Password="P@ssword!" ShowInExplorer="TRUE" /> <!-- Restore point with password shown in explorer after creation -->