Tag: SwitchID

The SwitchID action allows you to automate the switching of ID files.

	<SetParam Field="FilePath" Value="C:\Notes\DataJohnDo.id"/>
	<SetParam Field="Password" Value="john"/>

Tag Attributes

AttributesAttribute ValuesValue DescriptionComment
FilePathN/Apath to ID file (mandatory in 20.0.3 and above)Mandatory
PasswordN/AValue to set for the entry(See detailed description below)

<SwitchID FilePath="C:\Notes\Data\JoeBlow.id" Password="mUgre"/>

Password is optional if it has been saved by the user. But if no password is provided in the script and no password was previously saved for this ID, an error will be shown.

Detailed Description

The SwitchID action is used, along with two SetParam options, to select the File Path and Password to select and switch to the desired ID file.

This action allows you to automate the Switch ID option found in the Options menu of aclEZ, agentEZ, consoleEZ. replicationEZ, and scanEZ.

Example Script

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ytriaAutomation Application="databaseEZ" ApplicationVersion="16.5">
		<SetParam Field="FilePath" Value="C:\Notes\Data\admin.id"/>
		<SetParam Field="Password" Value="passwordhardtofind"/>
	<Load Server="ACME01/ACME" Partial="True">
		<Load Database="admin4.nsf"/>
		<Load Database="log.nsf" Select="True"/>

An error on SwitchID is fatal: automation will stop even with 'OnError continue="true"'