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Update/Import Groups

Tag: UpdateGroups

The UpdateGroups function updates selected groups within the grid.


Tag: ImportGroups

The ImportGroups function imports cloud groups within the grid from selected file.


Tag: UpdateOnPremGroups

The UpdateOnPremGroups function updates selected on premise groups within the grid.


Tag: ImportOnPremGroups

The ImportOnPremGroups function imports selected on premise groups within the grid.


Tag Attributes

AttributesAttribute ValueValue Description
FilePathN/AInput file path
SkipRowsN/AInteger (defaults to 0) - The number of rows to skip in input file, up to 10 (arbitrary value).
HasHeadersTRUE / FALSE (Defaults to TRUE) - Whether the file has column headers or notN/A
SkipValueN/ACell value to be interpreted as 'do nothing here'. Nothing is skipped if this is missing - Optional
KeyFieldN/A[Update only] name of field used for row matching
KeyValueN/A[Update only] index of column used for row matching (see doc below)
GroupTypeN/A[ImportGroup only] 'Microsoft 365 group' (Default) or 'Security Group'  - The type of groups that are to be created (same for all groups in the input file)
CheckDuplicatesTRUE / FALSE (Defaults to TRUE) - Search the grid for existing objects (and skip them)[ImportGroup, ImportOnPremGroups] 
PrefillWithSelectionTRUE / FALSE (Defaults to TRUE) - Use the current selection to prefill new objects[ImportGroup, ImportOnPremGroups]

Column mapping works the same as for 'Select / Filter from file'. If not column mapping is specified, default mapping (the one you see if you do the action manually) is used.

For ImportUsers, "forceChangePasswordNextSignIn" and "forceChangePasswordNextSignInWithMfa" can be set using setParam.

Example Script

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