Tag: SetVarListSize

The SetVarListSize function assigns a list size to a script variable.


Tag Attributes

AttributesAttribute ValuesValue DescriptionComment
ListNameN/AAnything in the form of : varName="listName" Assigns to the variable varName (subsequently accessible via {%varName%}), the number of elements in the list named "listName".N/A


NOTEIf no list exists with the supplied name, the variable value is set to 0 and an error is raised.

Example Script

<ytriaAutomation Application="sapio365">
	<SetVarListFromGridSelection ListName="GroupList" GroupName="displayName" Type="groupType" Kreator="createdDateTime" Mail="mailEnabled"/>
	<SetVarListSize GroupListSize="GroupList"/>
	<Echo value="Group list size: {%GroupListSize%}"/>