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SetVarListErrorAction: Gather action errors in one list

SetVarListErrorAction triggers the construction of lists of errors from failed actions.

To access the individual error content, loop the list and use {%ErrorAction%} after ExecuteListAction.

Tag Attributes

AttributesAttribute ValuesValue Description
ListNameN/AName of list containing the errors Required
ActionN/AName of actions by which to filter errors. Empty or not supplied, all actions are scanned and their errors added to the list Optional

Example Script

	<OnError continue="true"/>
	<LoadSession name="DoesNotExist@LetsTriggerAnError"/>
	<SetVarListErrorAction ListName="ERRORS"/>
	<Loop list="ERRORS" OnError="Next">
		<ExecuteListAction/> <!-- SetVar ErrorAction here: var name is not free -->
		<Echo value="Sadness: {%ErrorAction%}"/>
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