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Variables From Script/Job Header Entries

Detailed Description

Each script is enclosed in a YtriaAutomation tag.

This tag accepts any parameter. Each of these parameters automatically becomes a variable, as if it had been set with SetVar.

When running subscripts via Execute, only new parameters from each YtriaAutomation become new variables. Existing parameters are not updated with the values in the subscripts. 

Example Script

	randomVariable="This is my variable"
	wizardaction="This is my action"
	wizardversion="This is my version"
	wizardcategories="categorizer: the test"
	wizarddescription="TESTING HEADER VARIABLES">
	<Execute FilePath="Common/RAW-GetOnlySecurityGroups.xml"/>
	<!-- the following are set by this script and are not to be replaced by the values from Common/RAW-GetOnlySecurityGroups.xml -->
	<echo value="randomVariable {%randomVariable%}"/>
	<echo value="wizardtitle {%wizardtitle%}"/>
	<echo value="wizardaction {%wizardaction%}"/>
	<echo value="wizardcategories {%wizardcategories%}"/>
	<echo value="wizardversion {%wizardversion%}"/>
	<echo value="wizarddescription {%wizarddescription%}"/>
	<!-- the following are set by Common/RAW-GetOnlySecurityGroups.xml or its sub-scripts because not defined in this script -->
	<echo value="wizardisnew {%wizardisnew%}"/>
	<echo value="wizardfamily {%wizardfamily%}"/>
	<echo value="wizardallorsel {%wizardallorsel%}"/>
	<echo value="wizardkeywords {%wizardkeywords%}"/>
	<echo value="wizardlastedit {%wizardlastedit%}"/>
	<echo value="wizardrequirements {%wizardrequirements%}"/>
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