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Arrange Consoles

Arrange Consoles

In consoleEZ, there are two ways to arrange the console windows.

  • With 'Arrange Consoles...' in the Consoles menu:

  • With the Console actions toolbar icons:

NOTEThe blue icon shows the current Consoles state. 'Tile Vertically' is selected by default.

Arranging console windows

There are several options to arrange any number of consoles you wish to open simultaneously.
Note that consoles will automatically be arranged alphabetically.

  • Cascade:

  • Horizontal:

  • Vertical:

  • Tile Horizontally:

  • Tile Vertically:

  • Creating your own console arrangement: When your console arrangement is changed manually, this is considered a custom arrangement.
    For example, when resizing or moving consoles 'unsets' the current arrangement as in the screenshot above.


If you drag a console to the right, to the left, up or down within the consoleEZ screen, then the console will be auto-arranged to one half of the screen.

List Currently Opened Consoles...

This function acts like a console manager. There are two ways to open it:

  • From the Consoles menu:

  • From the Dashboard:

Using the 'List Currently Opened Consoles...' option

The options are not the same depending on if you choose one or multiple servers.

  • When selecting one server you can:

Maximize: Maximizes the selected console and places it before the others.
Close Consoles: Closes the selected consoles.

Minimize: Minimizes the selected consoles.

  • When selecting multiple servers you can:

Close Consoles: Closes the selected consoles.

Cascade: Cascades the selected consoles.
Tile Horizontally: Tiles the selected consoles horizontally.
Tile Vertically: Tiles the selected consoles vertically.
Horizontal: Arranges the selected consoles horizontally.
Vertical: Arranges the selected consoles vertically.
Minimize: Minimizes the selected consoles.

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