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Consoles: How they work

Consoles: How they work

In consoleEZ there is no limit to the number of consoles you can open at the same time.
Because consoleEZ is multi-server and multi-console, you can open any number of consoles and any number of Domino servers.
Naturally, you can also open as many instances of consoleEZ as you want.

The first console on a given server will open a Server Bridge to that Domino server.
This same Server Bridge will be reused for all other consoles opened on the same Domino server.

consoleEZ uses this Server Bridge to read the Domino server log information at regular intervals.
You can set this rate using the Server Events query rate option in the Preferences menu.

IMPORTANTTo open a console, you need a minimum of Reader access in the log.nsf 's ACL of the selected Domino server.
However, Sending Commands will require additional access rights.

Managing the number of lines displayed

The number of events displayed can be set using the Max lines to display in Consoles option in the Preferences menu.
When the console requires more lines to display than this set limit, then the console will display the newest lines and purge the oldest ones. Purged lines are erased from the console memory and can no longer be retrieved or searched.

In this case you will see the following message:

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