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How does it work

consoleEZ's Server Bridge

In consoleEZ, every command or request uses a local Server Bridge, which it creates to communicate with the Domino Server.
This acts like a provider running in the background of the application, and manages all the threads between the Domino Server and one or more of the following: Consoles, Server Statistics, Server Tasks, or Dashboard.

The Server Bridge starts when the first Console is opened for a given Domino server. Any subsequent Consoles for this server will use the same Server Bridge. (Therefore a second server will require consoleEZ to start a second Server Bridge).

The Server Bridge contacts the selected Domino server, stores the information received, and then responds to requests from Consoles, Server Tasks, etc...

When all Consoles for a given server are closed, the Server Bridge stops all communication with the Domino server and is closed.

consoleEZ in mixed environments that require more than one ID

There is no restriction on the number of consoleEZ applications you wish to launch.
If you are in a multi server environment, you likely have several certificates. In this case, you can simply use as many consoleEZ as you need to administrate those servers.

For example, lets say you have to use two IDs: a User ID Admin Euro to administrate the Domino server located in Europe, and a User ID Admin N-America for those in North America. But the User ID Admin Euro cannot access the servers located in North America and vice versa.

The solution is to open one consoleEZ with the User ID Admin Euro,

and another consoleEZ with the User ID Admin N-America.

NOTEThe Set title prefix option in the Preferences menu helps you to distinguish each instance of consoleEZ.
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