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The Output panel

eThe Output panel

The Output Panel in databaseEZ is used for reporting the errors and recording the events encountered by the application: e.g. access errors, the number of databases read, etc.

This panel supports docking.

Click on the Output tab to display the Output Panel.

Menu Options (right-click)

      • Clear: Clears the Output Panel.
          • Save Databases with Errors to XML Selection File: If the Output panel contains any databases with errors, you may export a list of them in XML file format. You can then load this XML file by selecting Server > Load Saved Selection and analyze possible problems encountered on those databases. If there are no errors this function will be grayed out.
          TIPYou can manually select the information in the Output Panel (Ctrl + A to select All) and Copy/Paste it (Ctrl + C / Ctrl + V) in any spreadsheet or text editor.
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