IMPORTANTThe designPropEZ database is no longer supported as of version 16. As of version 16.5.1, designPropEZ batch processes are executed through databaseEZ.

This documentation will be kept for both archival purposes and for users of older versions of designPropEZ.

Multi-batch documents

If you do decide to create your own Batch documents, it is imperative to include the following fields so designPropEZ will understand what to do.

Structure of the document

Field NameValuesTypeComment
FormMultiBatchTextConstant value
NoteIDs8470Number ListList of NoteIDs of all batch documents that will be executed

Fields created by the batch process

Field NameValuesTypeComment
In Process1 out of 1 batches were executed.TextCurrent status of the executed process
ResultBegin - 25/05/2006 15:13:28
Command line document 8470 -> OK
Rich TextResult log last executed
StatusOKTextFinal status of last execution