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Pivot table: unique index

Pivot Table Unique Index

Parsing a large data set into a flexYgrid panel may reveal a data structure that contains multiple "higher-level" elements who, in turn, contain multiple discrete elements within them (for example, a session activity document in a server log database).

In these cases, applying a Unique Index to these higher-level elements can ensure that your calculations remain accurate, and that the distinction between the high-level elements and the discrete elements they contain remains intact when building your pivot table.

Example of a practical application of a Unique Index when building a pivot table:

As seen in the session activity document above, there is as summarized transaction total, as well as discrete values.
There is a discrepancy between the two; thus the ability to treat them as separate values is important.

NOTEIn order to parse and present the full exploded information in a grid style layout, certain values will need to be repeated in a flexYgrid panel. One such example occurs when analyzing session activity documents from server logs with the Volume Analyzer in consoleEZ.

In screenshot above, session activity documents are grouped together by Log Document NoteIDs.
The values in the column titled 'Nb of Transactions' represent the global amounts found in the session activity document (found in the Note information), and the values in the column 'Nb of Transactions <Discrete>' are the number of transactions found for the individual databases.

If you were to build a pivot table to calculate multiple global totals, tagging these totals with a Unique Index lets the pivot table builder know that a global total is only valid once among like grid entries.

NOTEBecause of this ability to assign Unique Indexes to repeating global values, building a pivot table using this function is the only way to get an accurate total when performing calculations on these types of values present in a flexYgrid panel.

Here, applying a Unique Index of 'Log Document NoteID' to the Values in the selected column 'Nb of Transactions' will indicate to the pivot table builder that only one of these Values should be counted for each instance of a 'Log Document NoteID'.

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