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Examples - excluding a symbol

Using Regex for specific filter: Exclude symbols

In this example we want to exclude everything that contains @ or /

To do this, we will use the following Regular Expression:


Breakdown of the Regex elements used

^Beginning of the string
()Capturing Group
(?!)Negative look ahead. This specifies a group that cannot match after the main expression.
(i.e. if it matches, then the result is discarded)
[]Matches any character in the set
.Matches any character except line breaks
*Match 0 or more of the preceding token
$End of the string

Practical case

We can now use the expression explained above to single out group members.
The Filter By Regular Expression option will be used to exclude everything that contains @ (for emails) or / (for users).


Click on the filter icon 
 and select Filter By Regular Expression.



Having used the expression ^((?![@/]).)*$ to filter the column, all lines that contained the symbols @ or / have now been excluded.


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