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Information for central deployment of Ytria software

If your organization wishes to deploy Ytria software centrally, thus bypassing the normal installation process, it can be helpful to understand which Ytria files are mandatory and which are not. Also, it is often preferable to use the alternative Ytria Key Depository Database registration process where the software is being centrally deployed. This avoids the need for each user to manually register their software.

The list below provides information on the installation files in our software.

Files to be deployed for Ytria software

The following files are to be placed in the same directory as the Notes client itself (where the notes.exe resides):

  • [product name].exe (i.e. aclEZ.exe; actionBarEZ.exe; agentEZ.exe; consoleEZ.exe; databaseEZ.exedesignPropEZ.exe; replicationEZ.exescanEZ.exe; signEZ.exe; and viewEZ.exe): These files are absolutely mandatory. A tool will not run without its associated .exe file.
  • chartdir41.dll: This file is mandatory for agentEZ. It is used by agentEZ to create the Agent Timeline.
  • ndbYtria.dll: This file is optional. It is used by the Ytria toolbar. The Ytria toolbar cannot be created though central deployment, please read the note below for more information.
  • scanezmulti.dll: This file is optional. It is used by scanEZ to add an entry in then Actions menu of the Notes client for multi selection.

It is not possible to centrally deploy the Ytria toolbar.

To address this, we have provided a special 'toolbar-only' option in our installation databases.

An installation database must be on a server in order to enable this option.

The feature allows an administrator to centrally deploy all other parts of the Ytria software installation, then have an end-user click the Install button in the EZSuite.nsf database to install (or update) the toolbar without overwriting any centrally deployed files.

To enable this feature, an administrator can click Action>Support>Special Installation Settings then tick the "Restrict Install Button to only do an install/update of the Toolbar" checkbox.


In addition, the following files are needed and must be placed in the subfolder Ytria of the Local App Data directory for the Windows user (can be accessed by typing %LocalAppData% in the File Explorer):

  • ytriad32.dllytria32nv.dll and ytria32nc.dll: These 3 files are absolutely mandatory and must be present. They handle all the management of the licenses.
  • Ydbghelp.dll and YtriaSupport2.exe: These 2 files are optional, however they are used for logging errors and can prove helpful if a user ever needs to contact Ytria technical support.

There are also 2 Microsoft runtimes that must be installed and are mandatory. The installation files for both runtimes are directly available in the database (see note bellow), or they can be downloaded directly from Microsoft.


You can easily access the files used by Ytria software by clicking Actions>Ytria Support>Manually Detach Program Files.

The files YtriaUpdate.exe, YtriaTransalte.dll and YtriaInstall.dll are all used by the installation process and hence are not required when EZ Suite is being deployed.

Additionally, you can always manually download the most up-to-date version of the .exe files from these pages: Ytria Manual Download Page (for 32-bit) or Ytria Manual Download Page (for 64-bit).

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