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Teamstudio CIAO!

All Ytria products are Teamstudio CIAO!® compliant.
This means that if you are using Teamstudio CIAO!® and you want to edit a design (or even a document) in a database managed with Teamstudio CIAO!®, it will do the Check Out and then the Check In for you; without the need to launch Teamstudio CIAO!® to do it.

How Ytria's interface for CIAO! works

Starting with the first instance where a Ytria tool needs to save something in a Notes database, we check for a CIAO! configuration. (This means that merely opening a database with a Ytria tool will not trigger a check to see if the database needs to be verified by CIAO!).

NoteYtria tools prior to version 9.1 releases (February 2010) used a less efficient means of communicating with CIAO.
Furthermore, these earlier releases were not compatible with CIAO version 25 nor were these releases compatible with CIAO! configurations based on anything other than 'location'.
We strongly suggest any CIAO! users make sure their Ytria software is up-to-date to ensure the best performance and compatibility.

When a note is saved in a CIAO!-enabled database, a dialog box will pop up, asking you for the comment that will be used for the Check In.
This dialog box includes a checkbox option to keep notes checked out.


When working on several designs at the same time (like with signEZ or actionBarEZ), the dialog box will appear only once, on the first document, and then the software will use the comment you entered for all the subsequent designs it will save.

You can disable Teamstudio CIAO!® CheckIn/CheckOut in Ytria products by adding the following line in your notes.ini file:

TIPTo instantly apply changes to your Notes.ini file, use scanEZ's own Notes.ini editor.

Teamstudio CIAO!® is a registered trademark of Teamstudio, Inc.

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