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The Connection Analyzer Panel

replicationEZ includes a Connection Analyzer tool to help you quickly see and interpret the connections documents for a given server. The Connection Analyzer panel uses a grid-type inferface which offers the standard grouping, filtering, customization and exportation options available in all Ytria tools' grids.

How to launch the Connection Analyzer

The Connection Analyzer is available in the Tools menu.

Once selected, you'll be prompted to select a server to analyze in the dialog shown here:

The Connection Analyzer grid panel

After running a Connection Analyzer scan, replicationEZ will break down the information in a server Connections documents and places the information in a grid.
The following columns are available in this panel:

  • Used for Chart: When you select a database in this panel, it and any associated replicas will be checked and displayed in the Connection Analyzer Chart.
  • Filename
  • Excluded Filenames
  • Source
  • Destination
  • Replication Type
  • 0 - Sunday
  • 1- Monday
  • 2- Tuesday
  • 3- Wednesday
  • 4- Thursday
  • 5- Friday
  • 6- Saturday
  • Schedule Start
  • Schedule End
  • Interval (in minutes)

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