Depending on the type of sapio365 license you have, there are various options available to manage it. You will find these in 'About sapio365'.

Click on each title to learn more.

1 - Enter a sapio365 license code

Add a sapio365 license code (purchased or given) to enable the tool's full functionality by clicking on 'Enter New License Code'.

2 - Increase Microsoft 365 user capacity

If the number of Microsoft 365 licensed users increase or decrease in a tenant, you can adjust the capacity associated with your sapio365 license monthly. Click on 'License Configuration Settings'.

3 - Add or remove tenants

Reduce or increase the number of Microsoft 365 tenants you manage with sapio365 by clicking on 'License Modification'.

4 - Update your displayed license information

Once you make changes to your license, click on 'Refresh License Information' to see them in sapio365.

5 - Deactivating a license

If your sapio365 license is limited to a number of computer installations, you can free some up by deactivating licenses from current ones. Click on 'Deauthorize Computer'.

6 - Manage multiple sapio365 licenses

Manage multiple license assignments by clicking on 'License History'.