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Add a scope of action

In the sapio365 tab of the main window, go to ‘RBAC – Configuration’ > Scopes where you can:

Create a scope

Step 1 – Click on ‘Create…’.

Step 2 – Give the set a unique, meaningful name.

Step 3 – Select the scope type. A role can have all three different target sets (users, groups, sites) to expand the scope of action, but you’ll need to create separate scopes for each type before you assign them.

Step 4 – Select a property. Adding more than one scope of the same type based on different properties to a role will narrow that role’s scope (ex. users with country=Canada + department=sales will narrow the scope to users in Canada in the sales department).

Step 5 – Enter a property value that defines the scope.

If you’re not sure about which value to use, open Users, Groups or Sites modules. You can copy/paste the value from the grid.

Step 6 – Choose how to match the value you entered, and click OK.

Edit a scope

Select a scope to edit it using the same dialog as for scope creation.

Delete scopes

Make a selection of scopes that you wish to remove. You will be asked to confirm the deletion.

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