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Assign users or groups

Once you have created a sapio365 RBAC role, you can manage delegated users directly or through the groups they belong to.

In the sapio365 tab of the main window, go to ‘RBAC – Configuration’ > Roles where you can:

Assign users and groups

Select one or several roles to assign users to, and click on ‘Assign’.

Step 1 - Choose to view a list of users or groups or both, and make a selection.

You can also ‘Select from file’ if you don’t want to search.

Step 2 - Click on ‘Add to selection’.

Step 3 - Click on OK to finish. You will see those users or groups listed under the roles you initially selected.

Un-assign users and groups

Select assigned users and groups, and click on ‘Un-assign’. You’ll be asked to confirm the change.

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