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Bulk changes in 2 steps

Saving or undoing your changes

Any edits you make with sapio365 can be reviewed before you save them. This can be especially helpful when making a large number of changes to your tenant all at once.

Each edited item will be indicated by a pencil icon under the Status column before you decide to save. Items can be saved or undone individually or all at once.

Reviewing your changes in 2 steps:  

1 - Verify your changes

Grouping by the Status column is a great way to gather together all your unsaved changes for a final check. Especially if you have a large number of pending modifications.

Simply drag the column header into the grouping zone above it:

 2 - Save/ Undo

At this point you can decide to either save your changes, or undo them.

Options are provided to save all, or save selected. And the same exists for the option to undo your changes. 

[Note that the Undo button cannot undo changes that have already been saved to the server.]

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