Get the lay of the land here before exploring sapio365.

Your starting point is usually Home, and the same-named section below includes description of the ribbon elements.

To help you navigate the first view you encounter when you launch sapio365, refer to the numbered areas in the images that follow.


Home is a good place to start, where you can access global views of users, groups and Teams, sites and other tenant-wide data and settings.

Starting clockwise from the top-left:

1 - Connect to your Microsoft 365 with a new Standard or an Advanced Session.

2 - This is where you will see your session information. You can sign out from the session you are currently in from here. Note that if you sign out of an elevated session, you will be asked to provide a password for the sapio365 application in your Azure Active Directory.

3 - Your most recent sessions are listed here. Click on one to connect.

4 - Load saved Snapshots and Restore Points here. These are stills of data that were saved at one point in time.

5 - My Data lets you access information related to the account that is currently signed into sapio365.

6 - In the bottom-right, you will find a live chat icon. While working in sapio365, you may come up with questions that start with “how do I…?”. No need to shift over to your mail client to send us an email. You can ask us via chat directly from the tool. And if we are not online, your question will go straight to our mailbox.

7 - This area comprises the entry points into viewing the entirety of your users, groups and Teams, SharePoint Online sites, and where you have access to various reports, purchased license information and admin role management. Start here if you're not sure where to start! Navigate to the specific documentation page for more details on each type of view.

8 - This area on the left is where you find featured or new Jobs. Jobs are automated reports or tasks that you can run or schedule. These may be created by Ytria or by you.

9 - Click on 'All Jobs' to access the full Automation Jobs Library (AJL), a repository of available ready-to-run tasks that can be executed by anyone.

All Jobs

'All Jobs' lists the complete Automated Jobs Library, a repository of automated tasks that you can run or schedule to run.

Starting clockwise from the top-left:

Switching over to the complete collection of automated tasks and reports, or Automation Jobs Library (AJL), you have several ways to find the solution you need (refer to the image that follows).

1 - Start typing here to search for solutions using corresponding keywords.

2 - Narrow down solutions with filters on the left and job types (charts, view, searches, edits) on the right. Selecting these filters hides all the jobs that do not fall under those in dark blue. Select them all to restore all available jobs.

3 - This area shows all the available jobs in the AJL. Click one to run it.

If you have a sapio365 AJL license, jobs that are not available to you are shown as greyed out. To add or remove a job to your AJL license, right-click on the job and click on the option you need.

  • Click on a Job to execute it
  • Click on the star icon to add the job to your Favourites
  • Click on the three dots to schedule the Job or to get more details

4 - Send feedback using this button - suggest a new job or comment on the interface.

5 - Use main and subcategories to limit solutions. Selecting these category filters hides all the jobs that do not fall under them. Unselect them to restore all the available jobs.

6 - Go to 'My Jobs' to see your currently scheduled jobs, favourites and most used.

My Jobs

'My Jobs' is where you can run your favourite Jobs and manage scheduled Jobs.

Starting clockwise from the top-left:

1 - Start typing here to search for solutions using corresponding keywords. This only applies to the jobs listed in 'My jobs'.

2 - Here you will find the Jobs you last used, including the date when they ran.

3 - See which Jobs you used most often.

4 - When you schedule jobs, they are listed here. Right-click on a job here and you can run it or delete it from the scheduler.  Schedule jobs by choosing the option in the right-click menu.

5 - Custom jobs that you upload to your sapio365 are listed here.

6 - If you have an AJL license, your available jobs are listed here.

7 - Jobs you have marked as Favourite will be shown here.