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Getting started

Once you've connected to your tenant by creating a Standard or Advanced session, you're ready to use sapio365!

If your Microsoft 365 tenant is hybrid and you need to work with data in your local Active Directory (AD), make sure that sapio365 is connected to your local AD.

The main window of sapio365 is your starting point. Learn more about it here.

See everything in one place

Let's start by looking at your list of user accounts by clicking on 'All users' as shown in the image below. Learn more about what's available to manage users here. 

You'll see:

  1. All your user accounts with a few properties represented by columns that you can show or hide in the grid.

  2. Buttons in the Manage tab of the ribbon that let you make changes or retrieve content or relationships based on the entries that you select, in this case users.

  3. Automated reports or tasks on the left that can be executed based on a selection of users or for the whole tenant.

Next, here's an example on how to export a report of users who are blocked from signing into Microsoft 365.

Organize your data

The other tabs in the ribbon, highlighted in yellow in the image below, let you organize your data the way you want before exporting for a quick report, for analyzing your data further or for making changes to a select group of users. Learn more about customizing your data here.

In the image below, a filter on the property 'Sign-in Status' will be applied to only show users who are blocked from signing in:

  1. Click on a cell in the column to filter to bring it into focus. Its title will be blue.

  2. Go to the Sort/Filter tab and click on Values to uncheck 'Allowed' value to filter out entries from the column in focus.

Export your report

A selected entry row in a sapio365 FlexyView grid can be copied with the standard CTRL+C shortcut or it can be exported.

  1. Once you've organized your data, go to the Global tab and click on 'Export'.

  2. Make sure to uncheck options to include selected rows only to export all rows. Technical columns may not be necessary for your report.

Make changes

Once you've organized your data, you may find something that needs to be changed.

For example, you want to reactivate some accounts by allowing them to sign in.

  1. Select the accounts using Shift or CTRL.

  2. Go to Manage tab and click 'Edit'.

  3. Click on the pencil icon to change the value, and apply.


'Apply' will only show your changes in the grid as a preview. You can commit the changes in the grid by clicking the Save button.

Learn more about making changes safely in sapio365.


Get more details on how to:

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