Get the lay of the land here before exploring sapio365!

When you launch sapio365 the main window below is your starting point.

It has 2 major sections that are present in every sapio365 window.

1The ribbonThis is where you manage your connection to your Microsoft 365 data (and local Active Directory if hybrid tenant), your sessions, and grid data Snapshots.

The data entry points

(or FlexyView grid in other windows)

Homeis your entry point for managing ALL your Microsoft 365 data.

All Jobs is your catalog of ready-to-run automated reports and tasks.

My Jobs is a view of your favourite jobs and the jobs you have scheduled.

My Data on the far right is your entryway to your own personal data.

Main window ribbon

The ribbon in the main window of sapio365 includes the following:

Button or sectionDescription
1New session
  • Create a New Standard sapio365 session

  • Create a New Advanced sapio365 session.

  • Select an existing sapio365 session.

2Current Session
  • View current session information.

  • Sign out of the current session. Note that if you sign out of an elevated session, you will be asked to provide a password for the sapio365 application in your Azure Active Directory.

  • Manage Privileges by updating the registered application that elevates your privileges in sapio365. Also shown as “Elevate Privileges” in Advanced Sessions.

3Recent Sessions
  • Your most recent sessions are listed here. Click on one to connect.
4Manage Sessions
  • Go to the ‘back’ of sapio365 to delete recent sessions or make them “favourites”.
5Edit On-Prem Settings
  • Load a sapio365 Snapshot or Restore Point file. These are stills of data that were saved at one point in time.
  • Go to the ‘back’ of sapio365 to view or manage Job Center ConfigurationAutomation, Recent Sessions Open Windows, RBAC - Available Roles, User Activity Logs, Comment History, RBAC - Configuration, sapio365 Access & Restrictions, Process Log, Preferences, sapio365 license information.
  • Send comments or ask questions. Your message will be answered by the Ytria support team.
9Collapse icon
  • Hide the ribbon to maximize grid space.
10Question mark icon
  • Go to online help documentation.