This is your entry point to view all your user accounts and access over 170 user properties in Azure Active Directory and the entire list of on-prem user attributes in your local Active Directory.

Retrieve more properties as needed, update them or navigate to views where you can manage users' OneDrive files, emails, group memberships and more.

For faster load times, you can pre-filter users before loading:

  • Filtered list of users (use various property filters)
  • Deleted users (in the Recycle Bin)
  • Members only
  • Guests only

The Users Ribbon

When you first launch the Users module, sapio365 will build a local cache of the data retrieved. Subsequent launches will use that cache, which will be indicated by the presence of a purple band above the grid. The date the data was last retrieved is available in a column that is added by clicking on the link in the purple band.

1 - Load more information for selected users

In this section you can refresh or reinitialize your grid data and cache subsequently. You can also load additional data to the grid for the users you select.

The initial load retrieves basic user properties for every user. You can then select users and load additional user properties to the grid.

Properties that are retrieved through additional loading are displayed with an icon and text in a grid cell, indicative of the button to use to load the information.

Loading additional data is required before editing these properties because saved changes are processed through the grid.

RefreshRefresh or reinitialize Users cache and grid data.
On-prem usersWork with user accounts both in the cloud and on-premises by retrieving user attributes from your local Active Directory.
Additional Info

Retrieve OneDrive information, mailbox settings and more for selected users.

Mailbox Info

Retrieve mailbox information of selected users like Mailbox type, Keep of forwarded message (SMTP), SMTP forwarding address, forwarding addresses, 'Send on behalf of delegates, and 'Send as' delegates.

This query requires an M365 PowerShell authentication.

MFA Info

Retrieve MFA information of selected users like MFA state and the MFA methods set and chosen.

This query requires an M365 PowerShell authentication.

2 - Update selected users, delete them, create or import new ones, reset passwords and more

Features in this section allow you to make changes to your user accounts in Azure AD or on the local Active Directory (hybrid tenants).

You will be able to create or bulk import new users, edit or update users from a file, delete users, set or remove users' managers, manage MFA states and default methods of users, reset passwords with or without one-time MFA, and revoke session tokens to require re-authentication into M365 applications.

Hybrid tenants

If you have a hybrid tenant, certain changes can be made in Azure AD or in the associated local Active Directory.

Remember to force sync and refresh the sapio365 grid to see the changes in your synced data.

(star)  in the features below indicates that an on-prem option is available in the submenu of the button.

3 - Manage group memberships, licenses, OneDrive files, mailbox permissions and inbox rules and mail and calendar content

The features in this section allow you to retrieve information on selected users' mailbox content and permissions, group memberships, licenses in order to manage them.

You can also retrieve the list of Microsoft 365 users that were deleted in the last 30 days (Recycle Bin).

4 - Manage on-prem group memberships (hybrid tenants)

The 'On-pre User Management' section is only visible for hybrid tenants and the feature only applies to selected on-prem or synced users, launching a new view with the groups they are part of.

Group MembershipManage on-prem group memberships (hybrid tenants)

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