When launching new windows or views you have the choice to continue in the same thread of widows or to create a new one just like in a browser.

sapio365 provides options to:

For example, starting from Users, you made a selection of users and requested their membership info within the current window, and then requested more details about one of the groups they belong to.

Use the Back button to get back to the view of the memberships (image below).

From here, you can go:

  • Back to the list of Users where you made your selection

  • Forward to the window that you just came from which you launched to get “Group details” on a selected group.

If you prefer to launch new windows every time you retrieve information, you may find it difficult to find your way around all the open windows using a hover over the sapio365 icon in the task bar.

In any window, you have 2 ways to navigate windows (image below):

  1. From the tab ‘Windows’

    1. Click on a listed window or the Main Window to go there.

  2. From the back (click on 'sapio365)

    1. Click on a listed window, or the Main Window on the left.

    2. You can also manage windows here.