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Create and save views

Once you have arranged your data, you can save this configuration to the list of views on the right.

Need to share a view?

Go to Manage Views, select and export the views you want to import to the same module in another sapio365 installation. Views can exported as small XML files and can be easily emailed.

Scroll down to learn how to:

Save a new view

In the screenshot below, a new view is saved as “License cost per department”.

  1. Click on “Create new view”.

  2. Add a name and description. Optional: set view as default.

  3. See and confirm what’s configured in the view before saving it.


Note in this example that a hidden property column is used for grouping (pink). The grouping is therefore not included in the saved configuration. Be sure to display the column in the grid to save its grouping.

Your view is then listed in the dropdown menu. Create as many views as you need. If the list becomes longer than your display screen, a scroll bar will appear.

Modify an existing view

If you’ve changed something in the current view, it will show as (modifed).

You can save this as a new view or replace the current one. In the example below, the Department column has been added to the existing view.

Modified system views (with lock icon) cannot be saved replacing the current view, but you can create a new one.

Edit the name and description of a view

You can change the name and description of a custom view, as well as setting it as a default view.

  1. Go to 'Views' in the back of the window, or click on 'Manage views' at the bottom of the dropdown menu.

  2. Click on ‘Edit’ and make your changes.

Delete a view

System views (with lock icon) cannot be deleted.

To delete views from the list, you have 2 ways to get there:

  1. Click on Manage views at the bottom of the dropdown list

  2. Access the section from the “back”.

Click on delete to remove selected views.

Delete views button does not ask for confirmation.

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