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Export or import a view

Once you saved a view, you may want to share it with others who can import it to the same module in another sapio365 installation.

Export views

1 - Go to Views section by clicking ‘Manage Views’ in the list, or go to the "back" of sapio365 directly.

2 - Select and click on ‘Export’. The views are exported as small XML files and can be easily emailed.

3 - Go to …\AppData\Local\Temp\Ytria and into the the folder with the name of the views window, in this case Users.

Exported views can only be imported into the same sapio365 window type where they were created.

Import a view

You can import a view by clicking on the ‘Import’ button or by dragging the file into the grid.

Only one view at time can be imported because you need to confirm View Information.

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