Make changes to user accounts based on the property values in an Excel or CSV file. Note: Only the first sheet of a workbook is recognized.

This feature allows you to make specific bulk changes to users properties using an CSV or Excel file.

Similar to the 'Import users' feature, 'Update users' lets you map the columns in your file to the columns in the sapio365 grid. The only difference is that you are asked which property to use as the criteria used to match file data to that of the grid (pink rectangles in images below): Username or Graph ID.


Prepare the Users module grid with the users you wish you to modify, and export it. Make your changes in the file and use it to update those users. sapio365 will try to automatically match header names to the grid columns, and prefill mapped data in the mapping dialog.

Hybrid tenants

The Import on-premises sub menu item is enabled only after loading on-prem users. For synced accounts, it’s your choice where you want to make changes since sapio365 does not recognize the direction of the sync.

Update users in cloud

Update users on-premises