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Modify UNID in scanEZ

Modify UNID

This feature is used to change the UNID of a note.

NOTEAccording to the IBM documentation, the UNID (Universal Note ID) identifies all the copies of a note, regardless of location or time. Every replica of a note has the same UNID, and the UNID does not change when a note is modified.

You can either use the Create New button or enter the new UNID for the selected note manually.

A copy of the note will be made using the specified UNID.

You must also select one of the following actions to be performed upon creation of the new note:

Keep the original NoteLeave the original note as it is.
Delete the original NotePerform a deletion of the original note. This will leave a deletion stub of the original note.
Delete the original Note, with no deletion stubPerform a deletion of the original note, but without any deletion stub of the original note.
Keep in mind that a replication process may replicate the original note back into the database.
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