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Multi Selection Installation

Installing the Multiple Document Selection Feature

The Multiple Document Selection Feature adds an Actions menu item named Open selected document(s) in scanEZ to your Lotus Notes and Domino Designer clients. This action lets you open multiple selected documents in scanEZ.

By default, when you first install scanEZ, the Multiple Document Selection feature is installed.
When this feature is installed you'll see an entry in your notes.ini file named "AddInMenus" with the value "scanezmulti.dll". If it isn't installed you should see a notes.ini entry named "YtriaScanEZNoAddInMenus".

Later, if you wish to uninstall the Multi Selection feature you can either :

  • Delete the line YtriaScanEZNoAddInMenus= in the notes.ini (you can easily do it with the notes.ini editor of scanEZ 


  • Go to Tools > Multi Selection Installation and click the Uninstall button.

Installing the Multiple Document Selection Feature in a specific database

When the documents you want to open in scanEZ are in a view included in a frame for which the name is not "NotesView", the Multi document selection feature of scanEZ does not work. In order to open multiple documents in scanEZ in such cases you need to use the Multiple-selection Agent. Here's how to install it:

In scanEZ, go to Tools > Multi Selection Installation.

Click the Install button.

This procedure will add an agent to your target database, in the menu Actions > Open selected document(s) in scanEZ...[Agent].

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