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Role Management

The Show Roles button lets you manage roles in scanEZ's ACL grid. In the grid you can make enable or disable roles in any ACL entry by simply clicking checkboxes.

The Roles Listing in scanEZ's ACL panel
The lower-left section of scanEZ's ACL panel lists all the roles that appear in your database. You can edit the roles themselves: create, rename or remove them by clicking on the buttons or using the mouse right-click on a selected role. Double-clicking on a role will edit it. The information listed here is what you'd find in Roles tab of the Access Control Properties window in Lotus Notes.

Contextual menu options (and buttons) in the Roles section

New role (the Add button)

Add a new role

Edit role (the Rename button)Edit the selected role

This displays the same window you see when you add a new role
Delete role (the Remove button)Delete the selected role

You can sort columns in any grid window by clicking on column headers.

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