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scanEZ extension database

A multi-selection tool is part of the standard scanEZ installation process; it adds an 'Open selected documents in scanEZ' item to the Actions menu in your IBM Notes client. This feature supports opening multiple documents from a IBM Notes view or folder. However, if you're working with frameset views, the Notes API strictly requires the frameset to be named 'NotesView' in order for this feature to work.

The scanEZ Extension Database provides a workaround for this limitation.

Attempting to open multiple documents from a frameset may prompt this dialog, which lets you download the scanEZ Extension Database.

If you have installed an older versions of the scanEZ Multi-Selection tool, you may see this error message:

In this case you may download the Extension database directly from this page:

The scanEZ Extension Database workspace icon

The scanEZ Extenion Database lets you add the multi-selection Icon to the Ytria toolbar plus it provides a place to enter URLs of Notes documents and open them in scanEZ.

Once the scanEZ Extension Database is installed, its icon should appear on the Ytria toolbar.
To use the Extension Database's Multi Selection tool, you just need to make a selection in a Notes view and then click the toolbar icon. All the selected documents will then open in a scanEZ MySelection Virtual Folder.

Lotusscript-based note retrieval

The scanEZ Extension database version 9.1 (released in March 2010) introduced a new Lotusscript-based note retrieval feature. This is primarily designed to allow you to open profile documents when enumeration pool errors would normally prevent you from doing so.

How to use this feature

To use the Lotusscript-based note retrieval feature you just need to:

  1. Choose a target database
  2. Then tick checkboxes for the types of notes you want to retrieve (documents, profiles, or design elements)
  3. Next enter a selection formula (optional)
  4. Click the Open button to open the notes in scanEZ

After doing this, the notes will open in a new My Selection virtual folder in scanEZ.

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