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The signEZ database contains sensitive information such as stored IDs so security should be a priority for this database.

Database ACL

By default, access to the signEZ database is set to Manager. So, you will need to modify the ACL (Access Control List) if you want to set different security rules for this database. The minimum required for using signEZ is Author with the Create Documents attribute. All stored IDs must have Author access as well as all the IDs you use with the Sign with another ID option.

Stored ID documents

The stored ID documents contain Author and Reader fields to manage access on a document based level. Only the author is allowed to modify or delete the documents they created, and only the people in the reader fields can see and use those documents.
Readers for a stored ID can be set through the signEZ interface in the Sign Using tab with the Stored ID Info... button.

Batch documents

Anyone with access to the signEZ database can read and modify batch documents.

Log documents

Anyone with access to the signEZ database can read log documents. Only the author of a log document may delete it. (A log should not be edited).

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