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Actions by link to Shared Actions

This special tab is used to quickly see exactly where a shared action is being used by a design element.

Right-click menu

Action Properties... Alt + EnterUse actionBarEZ to edit the action properties (example: text color or size) for one or several actions all at the same time.
Propagate All Shared Actions
Propagate Selected Shared Actions
See Shared Actions page for more details
Copy Ctrl + CCopy the selected action(s)
Paste Ctrl + VInsert action(s) before the current selection
Append Ctrl + IInsert action(s) after the last column in the view
Delete DelDelete the selected action(s)
Insert in a new SubMenuInsert a new submenu in a menu
Link to Shared Action... Ctrl + L
Make it Shared Ctrl + M/Unshare Ctrl + U
See Shared Actions page for more details
PrintWysiwyg printing: If you have a color printer, you will get the same colored-table as the one you see on your screen
Color scheme
Submenu Mode
Hide Empty Columns
Reset Grid Size
Customize Order... Ctrl + R
Display options

See Display Options page for more details
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