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Using Existing Action Bars as Templates

actionBarEZ allows you to use pre-existing design elements as templates for updating action bar properties.

Update Action Bars using an existing Design Element as a Template

  1. Select the design elements you wish to modify in the actionBarEZ main screen and click the Action Bars button.
  2. Click the Select a Design button in the Action Bar Properties window.
  3. Select a design element you wish to use as a template in the resulting Select a Design dialog box (see image below).
  4. Now all the tabs in the Action Bar Properties window will be updated with properties taken from the template design element.
  5. Now just click Apply and the design elements selected in step 1 will be updated using the template's properties.

The Select a Design dialog


When you click Select a Design, the designs you'll initially see listed are those found in the database currently open in actionBarEZ. However, the dialog also provides an Open Database button which lets you choose a different database, in case you'd like to copy action bar properties from a design in another application.

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