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CheckList: list of items to check


Each item is declared using the ListItem tag (see details below). There must be at least one ListItem

Allows to select several values (output is a list).

<Variable Name="CheckList" Type="CheckList" Label="CheckList" Tooltip="CheckList tooltip" ListName="TheCheckList" HasSelectAll="true">
    <ListItem Value="CheckList item 1"/>
    <ListItem Value="CheckList item 2"/>
    <ListItem Value="CheckList item 3" Select="true"/>
    <ListItem Value="CheckList item 4"/>

The content of the field can also be generated by assigning a single ListItem an automation List:

    <List Name='ForListItems' Action="SetVar" Choice="List Item 1"/>
    <List Name='ForListItems' Action="SetVar" Choice="List Item 2" ChoiceLabel="Label for List item 2"/>
    <List Name='ForListItems' Action="SetVar" Choice="List Item 3"/>
    <List Name='ForListItems' Action="SetVar" Choice="List Item 4"/>

	<userinput Title='Title'>

		<Variable Name="List" Type="CheckList" Label="Check one:" Value="List item 1" Tooltip="List tooltip">
			<ListItem Label='ChoiceLabel' Value='Choice' ListName='ForListItems'/>


When a list is used as source, semi-colon-separated selection values can be set in the Value parameter:

<Variable Name="List" Type="CheckList" Label="Check one:" Value="a:b:c" Tooltip="List tooltip">
			<ListItem Label='ChoiceLabel' Value='Choice' ListName='ForListItems'/>

In this example, if a, b or c is found in ForListItems, they are checked in the dialog.

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