Add a complex input dialog box to the automation script.

UserInput interrupts automation with a dialog pop-up where the input fields are constructed using the Variable sub-actions.
Upon clicking Cancel, automation stops.
Upon clicking OK, one SetVar action is generated for each Variable sub-action and the automation resumes.

SetVar names are set using the Name attribute value of each Variable sub-action. The values depend on the corresponding input fields in the dialog.

Tag Attributes

AttributesValue Description
TitleDialog title
ButtonTextOKText to set on OK button. Defaults to 'OK'.
ButtonTextCancelText to set on Cancel button. Defaults to 'Cancel'.

Variable sub-actions

Each <Variable> sub-action adds a field to the dialog.

Variable Tag attributes

AttributesAttribute ValuesValue Description
  • Variable name - Required
  • Used in the SetVar action
  • Duplicate names are not allowed
  • All other naming restrictions from SetVar apply
ValueN/ADefault value to put in dialog input field.
TypeSee Value Description

The Type value is controls the type of field that will be displayed. All variables end up as text in the script 

One of: 

Defaults to TextNot Required
See Detailed Types section below.

LabelN/AText to display in front of the input field or for Category title.
TooltipN/AGenerates a tooltip widget in the dialog, next to the label.
ReadOnlyTrue/FalseTo prevent a field from being edited. Defaults to False.
MandatoryTrue/FalseTo make editing of a field mandatory. Defaults to False
ExpandTrue/FalseFor Category type only - If set to False, the category appears collapsed and the user must click it to see the input fields. Defaults to True.

For CheckList and MultiList types only

Name of the list created from the checked (resp. selected) items.

ColorAny HTML color codeFor Label type onlyHexadecimal RGB with a leading # (eg. #FFE8E5).
IconN/AFor Label type only - Font Awesome icon name.
MaxAny integerFor Integer type only - Maximum value allowed. Defaults to INT_MAX (2147483647). 
MinAny integerFor Integer type only - Minimum value allowed. Defaults to INT_MIN (-2147483648).
HasSelectAllTrue/FalseFor CheckList type only - If set to True, a button is shown and allow to select all items at once. Defaults to False.

For InputFilePath and OutputFilePath types only

Allows to specify the file extension(s) (separated by semicolon, if multiple), * is used to have the 'All Files choice'. Defaults to "*"

ObjectTypes (sapio365 only)N/A

For these types only:

  • MultiGroupSelection
  • MultiOnPremGroupSelection
  • MultiOnPremUserSelection 
  • MultiUserSelection 
  • OneGroupSelection 
  • OneOnPremGroupSelection 
  • OneOnPremUserSelection 
  • OneUserSelection 

Allow to specify the object type(s) (separated by semicolon, if multiple) to set in the dedicated filter (expected values as displayed in dialog).