Creates a button that laucnhes another script.

The dialog is refreshed after this script is executed.

The content of the dialog is updated if it depends on variables or lists modified by this script.

When the dialog opens:

After clicking the button:

	<UserInput Title="SELECT SITE">
		<Variable name="SiteButton" valueLabel="Click to get sites list" Label="Get sites" Tooltip="Search sites" Type="RunScript" Execute='MainFrame/365-showSites-List.xml'/>
		<Variable name="SelectedSite" Label="Site" Type="CheckList" ListName="SelectedSites">
			<ListItem ListName="List_Sites" value="v_SiteName"/>

The Execute parameter must contain:

  • the reference of the job to run when starting from a job (sapio365 only)

  • the path of the script to run when starting from an XML file

  • executable XML from a CDATA entry directly from the current script