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RemoveComment: Remove Comment(s) from Grid

Tag: RemoveComment

The RemoveComment function does just what it says -- it removes comments from the grid.


Tag Attributes

AttributesAttribute ValueValue Description
ColumnIDDefaults to AllUnique ID of column to remove comments from. If set to All, removes comments from all columns.
TargetN/AGrid target (not needed for main or in sapio365)
IsFromJob(File path) / This

Key of job or path of XML file to process comments from / This
If set to This, it only removes comments that were added by a previous run of this job or script. If not set or empty, this setting is ignored and all comments are removed.

This is only relevant for volatile comments. Permanent comments do not store job keys nor XML file paths and shall be removed regardless if this setting.


True / False 

(defaults to True)

If False, the entire history of permanent comments is removed. If True, only the newest comment is removed. 

Neutral for volatile comments: they do not have a history.


True / False 

(defaults to True)

If True, the comments are removed only from the selected rows, otherwise all rows are processed.

True / False / All 

(defaults to True)

If set to True, only volatile comments are removed.

If set to All, both permanent and volatile comments are removed.

Example Script

Remove top permanent comment on displayName on selected rows:

<RemoveComment ColumnID="displayName" IsVolatile="false" selection="true"/>

Remove all permanent comments on displayName on selected rows:

<RemoveComment ColumnID="displayName" IsVolatile="false" selection="true" top="false"/>

Remove all volatile comments added by another script:

<RemoveComment IsFromJob="C:\dev\Temp_XML\365\365- Annotations-Vol-Combined-Groups.xml"/>

Remove all volatile comments previously added by this script:

<RemoveComment IsFromJob="this"/>
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