Tag: NotesIni

The NotesIni action, along with the applicable sub-actions and SetParam options, lets you automate scanEZ's Notes.ini Editor.

<NotesIni KeepAlive="True">
	<Export FilePath="D:\MyNotes.ini"/>
	<New Name="testentry1" Value="test66"/>
	<Edit Name="testentry56" Value="test2323"/>
	<Delete Name="test99"/>
	<Export FilePath="C:\MyNotes.ini"/>

Tag AttributesSub-Action: New

AttributesAttribute ValueValue DescriptionComment
NameUser definableName of the entry to createMandatory – see detailed description
ValueUser definableValue to set for created entryMandatory – see detailed description

Sub-Action: Edit

Tag Attributes

AttributesAttribute ValueValue DescriptionComment
NameUser definableExact name of entry to editMandatory – see detailed description
ValueUser definableValue to set entry toMandatory – see detailed description

Sub-Action: Delete

Tag Attributes

AttributesAttribute ValueValue DescriptionComment
NameUser definableExact name of entry to deleteMandatory – see detailed description

Sub-Action: Export

Tag Attributes

AttributesAttribute ValueValue DescriptionComment
FilePathUser definableFile path for exportMandatory – see detailed description

SetParam Options

AttributesAttribute ValueValue DescriptionComment


Option to set which Notes.ini file to editNot mandatory – default is "Local"

Detailed Description

The NotesIni action script block effectively acts as a list of changes to perform on the selected Notes.ini file.

NOTEMultiple sub-actions can be used within the same script block. No one sub-action is mandatory, but within each sub-action, all attributes are mandatory.

TIPAll general, grid-based automation actions can be integrated into the script block as child actions.

Example Script

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ytriaAutomation Application="scanEZ" ApplicationVersion="16.5">
		<Select Lines="ByValue">
			<SetParam target="NotesIniGrid" ColumnID="NI1" Value="YtriaLastOpenServerName"/>
			<SetParam field="FilePath" value="D:\scanEZ-Last_Open_Server.html"/>
			<SetParam field="ExportType" value="HTML"/>
			<SetParam field="selectedrowsonly" value="True"/>
		<Sort ColumnID="NI1" Ascending="True"/>
		<Filter ColumnID="NI1" Mode="Begins" Text="y"/>
			<SetParam field="FilePath" value="D:\scanEZ-NotesIni_All_Y.html"/>
			<SetParam field="ExportType" value="HTML"/>
			<SetParam field="SelectedRowsOnly" value="False"/>
		<New Name="Test" value="added"/>
		<Export FilePath="D:\MyNotes2.ini"/>

In the script above, the action NotesIni will be launched, opening the Notes.ini Editor on the local notes.ini file. The entry matching the value of " YtriaLastOpenServerName" will be selected and exported to an html file named "scanEZ-Last_Open_Server.html". ColumnID "NI1" will be sorted in ascending order and then filtered to contain only the entries that begin with "y". All remaining lines will be selected and this data exported to a second html file named " scanEZ-NotesIni_All_Y.html". A new entry named "Test" will then be added to the notes.ini file; it's value will be set to "added". The new resulting notes.ini file will be exported using the file path D:\MyNotes2.ini.