Tag: SelectedGroupMemberRemove

The SelectedGroupMemberRemove function automatically removes selected users/groups from their parent groups.

<Select columnID=""'<column ID>"" value=""<value in column>"" />


Detailed Description

To remove members from groups:   

  • Select the group row(s) in the Group Delivery Management grid
  • Use SelectedGroupMemberRemove with a selection
    of target user(s) in the grid, in the dialog, formatted as:
    <Select columnID="'<column ID>" value="<value in
    column>" /> 
  • (<column ID> is the ID of the column
    you want to make the selection)
  • Add as many <Select columnID="'<column ID>"
    value="<value in column>" /> as you'd like to make the
    desired selection

Example Script

<ytriaAutomation Application="sapio365"> 
	<Select lines="ByValue">
		<SetParam columnID="userDisplayName" value="Alex Wilber"/>