Tag: RemoveAllColumns

The RemoveAllColumns action will remove all currently visible columns from the specified grid panel.

<RemoveAllColumns Target="LogAnalyzer" Index="1"/>

Tag Attributes

AttributesAttribute ValuesValue DescriptionComment
Applicable Grid Code


Not mandatory – see detailed description
ServerAbbreviated server names (separated by comma)
Only applicable in consoleEZ - see detailed description
IndexPositive integerWindow index numberOnly applicable in consoleEZ - see detailed description

Detailed Description

The action RemoveAllColumns can be used either without attributes, or with the Target value of "Grid" to remove all the visible columns from the main grid.

The Server attribute is only applicable to consoleEZ, in which case it will be mandatory for Target="LogAnalyzer" or Target="VolumeAnalyzer".

The Index attribute is also only used in consoleEZ and is mandatory when using Target="LogAnalyzer" or Target="VolumeAnalyzer", it is the value found on the Log Analyzer and Volume Analyzer windows.

Example Script

<RemoveAllColumns Target="LogAnalyzer" Index="1"/>

In the script line above, all columns that are currently in the Log Analyzer window #1 will be removed.