Tag: LoadCompleteDB

The self-closing tag LoadCompleteDB emulates selecting the 'Load Complete Database Information' (or Ctrl + L) in databaseEZ's Edit menu.

Example Scripts

	<Load Server="Acme01/ACME" Partial="True">
		<Load Database="mail\jwill.nsf" Select="True"/>
		<Load Database="mail\jdoe.nsf" Select="True"/>
		<Load Database="archive\a_log.nsf" Select="True"/>
		<Load Database="log.nsf" Select="True"/>
		<Load Database="names.nsf" Select="True"/>
		<Load Database="mail.box" Select="True"/>
		<Load Database="admin4.nsf" Select="True"/>
		<Load Database="cldbdir.nsf" Select="True"/>
		<Load Database="ddm.nsf" Select="True"/>
		<Load Database="catalog.nsf" Select="True"/>
		<Load Database="schema.nsf" Select="True"/>
		<Load Database="certsrv" Select="True"/>
		<Load Database="reports" Select="True"/>
	<Select Target="grid" Lines="All"/>

In the script above, the databases indicated in the nested child actions will be loaded from server ACME01/ACME, and they will be selected in the database selection tree. All rows within the main grid will be selected and the action LoadCompleteDB will load the complete database information for all selected lines.