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Load Replication History Chart for Selected Entries

Tag: LoadReplicationHistoryChart

The LoadReplicationHistoryChart action, along with a set of SetParam child actions, allows you to automate the Load Replication History chart function found in the Tools menu in replicationEZ.

Detailed Description

A SetParam field value corresponds to each option in the Replication History Chart Options dialog.

SetParam Options

Field NameCompatible Field ValuesValue Description




N/A - Required

ApplyLastUsedFiltersTrue / False


ShowExcludedServersTrue / False


PreFilterTransitionDatesTrue / False

A value of "True" must be accompanied by a date specified in a HideTransitionBefore value

HideTransitionBeforeDate in compatible YYYY/MM/DD format

Must be accompanied by a PreFilterTransitionDates value of True

Example Scripts

	<SetParam Field="TransitionNodesFormat" Value="TimeOnly"/>
	<SetParam Field="ApplyLastUsedFilters" Value="False"/>
	<SetParam Field="ShowExcludedServers" Value="True"/>
	<Load Server="Acme01/ACME" Select="True"/>
	<Select Target="Grid" lines="all"/>
		<SetParam Field="TransitionNodesFormat" Value="None"/>
		<SetParam Field="ApplyLastUsedFilters" Value="False"/>
		<SetParam Field="PreFilterTransitionDates" Value="True"/>
		<SetParam Field="HideTransitionBefore" Value="2016/08/10"/>

In the script above, a replication history chart with the settings specified in the dialog pictured in the Detailed Description. The chart will be constructed using all lines in the main grid

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