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Modify UNID

Tag: ModifyUNID

The action ModifyUNID  will emulate the process launched by selecting the 'Document > Modify UNID…' option in scanEZ including all options available in the corresponding process dialog.

Detailed Description

Options available in the 'Modify UNID' dialog can be specified using the tag attributes.

Tag Attributes

Attribute NameAttribute ValueValue Description
NewUNIDUser definedAny valid UNID string (hexadecimal, 32 characters) Not RequiredIf not used, the new UNID will be generated by the system.
Defines the corresponding radio button options found in the 'Action' section of the 'Modify UNID' dialog Not RequiredIf not used operation will default to "DeleteNoStub"

Example Scripts

<ModifyUNID OriginalNote="Delete" NewUNID="60CB5503BCA071F38525812F001991FD"/>
	<Load Server="ACME01/ACME" database="maildbtest1.nsf"/>
	<Expand Category="Documents" Target="Tree"/>
	<Focus Target="Tree" category="ByNoteID" value="h902"/>
	<ModifyUNID OriginalNote="keep" NewUNID="60CB5503BCA071F38525812F006886FD"/>

In the script above, the replica of database "maildbtest1.nsf" found on the server "ACME01/ACME" will be loaded in scanEZ. The category 'Documents' will be expanded, and the focus set on the document with the noteID "h902". The action ModifyUNID  will trigger the 'Modify UNID…' operation. The values specified in the attributes state that the original note will be kept. Thus, a new note will be created with the UNID defined by the NewUNID attribute value.

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