Tag: PurgeIndex

The self-closing tag PurgeIndex emulates clicking on the Purge Index for Selected Views function in the Index size for Views and Folders dialog in viewEZ.

Detailed Description

This action will purge indexes without any intermediary steps.

Example Scripts


The PurgeIndex action operates on a current selection of views: a selection must be made before the action is executed in order for it to have any effect. 

	<Load Database="Mailtest.nsf" Server="ACME01/ACME"/>
		<SetParam Name="All"/>
		<SetParam NoteID="hC9E"/>
		<SetParam NoteID="3254"/>
		<SetParam NoteID="3282"/>

In the script above, the database "Mailtest.nsf" will be loaded into viewEZ and three different views will be selected. The action PurgeIndex will be triggered to purge all of the indexes of these selected views.