Tag: Values

The Values action, along with the applicable SetParam child actions, lets you automate the 'Values' operation in scanEZ.

Detailed Description

When using the SetParam options  AddItem  and  All , certain conditions apply:

  • AddItem  is not mandatory if  <SetParam Field="All" value="true"/>
  • All  is not mandatory if  AddItem  is used to define the items to add. Omission will have the same result as <SetParam Field="All" value="false"/>.

The Values action can also be used as a self-closing action line to trigger the Values operation after making a selection in the Diff panel <Values KeepAlive="True"/>

Reminder: A MySelection action script block can be nested within this action block to add selections to a virtual My Selection folder.

SetParam Options

Field NameCompatible Field ValuesValue Description
AddItemUser definableItem name to add to the Values grid Not Required (See detailed description)
AllTrue / FalseSets the checkbox state of 'Use all items present in selected documents' option Not Required (See detailed description)

Example Scripts

<Values KeepAlive="True">
	<SetParam Target="SelectDocumentItems" Field="All" value="true"/>
	<load server="ACME01/ACME" database="Mailtest.nsf"/>
	<focus target="tree" category="Documents" type="Memo"/>
	<Values KeepAlive="True">
		<SetParam Field="AddItem" value="Form"/>
		<SetParam Field="AddItem" value="From"/>
		<SetParam Field="AddItem" value="DeliveredDate"/>
		<ShowTypeColumns value="false"/>

In the script above, the database "Mailtest.nsf" will be loaded into scanEZ and the selection tree focus placed on the category of "Memo" type documents. The Values action will then launch a Values operation on all documents within that focused selection; the values found in the items named "Form", "From", and "DeliveredDate" will be included in the dialog grid. Type columns will not be shown, and the dialog will remain open.