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Select NAB for Check Presence

Tag: SelectNAB

This tag automates the Select NAB for Check Presence function.

Detailed Description

Select NAB is the same as the regular Select NAB action with parameter:

Type="MemberPresence"  or Type="MemberListing" 

Type is not required; SelectNAB defaults to MemberPresence if it is not set.

Select NAB for Check Presence:

<Select NAB Type="MemberPresence" Current="True"/> or <Select NAB Current="True"/>

Select NAB for Group member listings:

<Select NAB Type="MemberListing" Server="Acme01/ACME" Database="Demo2's Address Book"/>

<Select NAB Server="ACME02/ACME" Database="Acme's Directory"/> refers to the abbreviated Server name and the NAB Database name as it appears in the Look In drop down list:

Current="True" selects Use all Notes Address Books on <Current NAB Server>

Tag Attributes

AttributesAttribute Value
TypeMemberPresence or MemberListing
ServerAbbreviated server as it appears in the Server list
DatabaseNAB Name as it appears in the "Look In" list
CurrentTrue / False

Example Scripts

<SelectNAB Server="Acme02/ACME" Database="Acme's Directory"/>
	<SelectNAB Type="MemberListing" Server="Acme02/ACME" Database="Acme's Directory"/>

In the script above, the action Select NAB is used to set the NAB to be used when checking presence to the database "Acme's Directory" found on server ACME02/ACME.

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